Apex Announces New Product Line: Precision IC Drivers and Sensors

Apex Microtechnology announces the release of a new line of precision IC drivers and sensors, bringing four new products to the market.

Product Line Overview

Apex Microtechnology is pleased to announce the expansion of our Precision IC product line - previously comprised of nine linear amplifier ICs - to include four new driver and sensor ICs. The latest additions to the precision IC family include an inductive proximity sensor IC, a high voltage interface IC, a 32-channel high voltage driver IC, and an 8-bit HV parallel driver IC.

“Apex Microtechnology has a long legacy of expertise in solving extremely complex power analog problems." says Director of Business Development for Apex Microtechnology, Jens Eltze, “with feedback from our customers, we have seen the market demand for solutions that solve a more generic analog and mixed signal set of design challenges. With that in mind, Apex expanded our portfolio of Precision ICs to complement Apex’s hybrid product offering with highly compact, reliable, and also cost-effective options for our customers that reach a wide range of applications.” With the addition of these new devices, Apex expands its offerings for high power, high precision requirements in applications such as; piezoelectric transduction, capacitive actuation, and LED drive.

The new driver and sensor ICs join Apex's existing line of linear amplifier ICs, which offer supply voltages up to 350 V, exceptionally fast slew rates, and are available in multi-channel architectures. Check out the four new Precision ICs below!

AIC1532 - 32-Channel High Voltage Driver

Apex's AIC1532

  • 32 high voltage push-pull output channels
  • High voltage up to 230 V
  • TTL compatible inputs
  • Over-current and short-circuit protection
  • Adjustable switching speed of the high voltage output
  • Under-voltage protection


The AIC1532 is a 32-bit serial to parallel converter IC with 32 high voltage push-pull outputs and TTL compatible input signals. The outputs are designed to drive capacitive and resistive loads. An internal protection function monitors the logic supply voltage (VDD) and disables all output transistors of the high voltage push-pull outputs if an undervoltage condition is detected.

The IC contains a 32-bit shift register with a clock (CLK) and a data (DATA) input. The data output (OUT) allows cascading of several ICs. The 32-bit data will be latched with the Latch Enable Signal (LE) in a 32-bit latch. Three dedicated logic input signals (HI, LO, Z) allow setting of all high voltage outputs instantaneously to high, low, or high impedance without changing the setting of the 32-bit shift register and latch.

AIC1508 - High Voltage 8-Bit Parallel Driver IC

Apex's AIC1508

  • High voltage driver with 8 parallel push-pull outputs
  • Supply voltage - 20 V - 300 V
  • ±40 mA output current per channel
  • Direct transistor gate control input
  • Switching time control for high-speed applications by external resistance
  • N-channel MOSFET outputs for lower power consumption


The AIC1508 is a rigid, low-cost general purpose high voltage driver IC with 8 high voltage push-pull outputs. The device has been designed for harsh industrial applications and is suitable for many different applications. The outputs can drive capacitive and resistive loads such as piezoelectric transducers, electroluminescent devices and micro-mechanical actuators. The maximum operating voltage is 300V, and each output has a source-sink capability of up to 40mA.

External output resistors can be used to limit the maximum power dissipation of the device, allowing the outputs to be run in parallel. The IC also allows the use of an external resistor to set the switch-on time of the outputs and provides protected direct transistor gate inputs. The high voltage push-pull outputs are well protected against possible latch-up by using the bulk-drain diodes of the output MOSFETs and their full dielectric isolation.

AIC1601 - Fully Integrated Inductive Proximity Sensor IC

Apex's AIC1601

  • Wide supply voltage range - 5.5 V - 38 V
  • User-adjustable sensing range and hysteresis
  • Built-in voltage regulator
  • NPN open collector output with guaranteed sink current of 150 mA
  • Output overload/over-current protection
  • Broad range of operating frequency (100 kHz to 1 MHz)


The AIC1601 is a sensor IC for inductive proximity applications and can be used with a range of inductive transducers. This device has the analog front end, the detection logic, output stage and the status LED drivers (detection and power) integrated.

AIC1605 - High Voltage Interface IC

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  • Wide supply voltage range - 5 V - 36 V
  • 5V/20mA linear regulator
  • Adjustable fix frequency buck regulator (8 V - 34 V)
  • 100 mA P-Type and N-Type open drain outputs, over-current and short-circuit protected
  • 2 LED current sinks 2 mA
  • 2 operational amplifiers


The AIC1605 provides high voltage N-Type and P-Type open drain outputs, a buck and linear regulator as well as two OP-AMPs and two LED drivers. It is highly suitable for building a three-wire sensor interface. It can be used also as a supply and output stage for other applications.

Pricing, Availability, and Evaluation Tools

All Apex Microtechnology Precision ICs are currently in volume production with sample units available for qualified applications. For additional details on availability, device lead-times, and pricing please contact the authorized Apex Microtechnology local sales representative or distribution partner for your region. The complete product portfolio is available on the Precision IC Selector Table. For technical support, contact Apex Applications Engineering by calling 800-546-2739, or by emailing apex.support@apexanalog.com. To view the full press release, visit the press release listing page.

- The Apex Microtechnology Team 

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